About Borrowing Items

We loan books, museum passes, music, movies, a tabletop telescope, a ukulele, Finch robots, Makey Makeys (computer invention kits) and more.

We also offer free WiFi, public computers, and a variety of online resources – for genealogy, learning languages, digital magazines, and animated picture books for kids.

The Clapp Memorial Library belongs to the Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing, Inc. (CW/MARS), a network of public, academic, special, and school, libraries in central and western Massachusetts.

As part of this network, patrons may use one card to borrow materials at 144 surrounding libraries. You may also return materials, pay overdue fines, and pay for lost items at any member library.

The C/WMARS help page can answer most other questions related to borrowing and your online account.

  • Robit Kit

Getting a Card, Loan Periods and more…

Find out about how to get a library card, how to request an item, and more.