Who are you? Where did your ancestors come from? What famous — or infamous — people are you related to?

The Clapp Library offers you the resources of our subscription to, the online resource for learning more about your family history!

  • The best resource for creating, preserving and sharing your family tree
  • More than 13 billion records containing detailed family histories
  • An online community of fellow family history explorers

More people are undertaking a family tree maker to discover their families past. This has became a growing trend as more people are lured in by the fascination from their grand-parents parents and beyond. It’s easier than ever to find out the information you need to complete the family tree, simply sign-up to the preferred platform and away you go.

Who knows who your great, great, great grandma or grandfather was? It’s your time to find out! Build a family tree to show off to your friends, family or children, I’m sure they’ll be interested to know who they’re related too.

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