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The Internet is an exciting place to visit, but surfing the net

 can also be dangerous.  The best filter is not as effective a protection as a parent's awareness of basic safety rules for exploring the virtual world.  Make time to learn about the Internet and how it works.  Every computer has child-safe search engines that will lead children to positive sites.  It is important that parents learn about this medium so they can teach their children how to use it effectively. 

Set rules.  We do not let children play in the street.  Neither should we let them play unsupervised on the Internet.  Teach your children values and guidelines to use in selecting what they read and view.  Not every Web Site is right for every for every child anymore than every book in the library is right for every person.  It is up to parents to let their children know what subjects and Web Sites are off limits and explain why.  Parents should not let their children surf the Internet alone unless they have set rules for them. 

Encourage your child to ask the librarian for help when seeking information on the Internet.

Parents are responsible for all library materials borrowed by their juvenile children (not yet 18 yrs.)  The Clapp Memorial Library supports the Library Bill of Rights which includes the guarantee that "only parents have the right to restrict the access of their children to library resources."

Consequently, if your juvenile child hopes to become a registered library patron with full borrowing privileges he or she must first present a Parental Permission For Juvenile Access to the Full Collection Of The Clapp Memorial Library card bearing your signature. So too, if your child is at least 10 but not yet 18 years of age and wishes to use the Information Technologies Network (Internet) he or she must first present a Parental Permission For Juvenile Access To The Information Technologies Network (Internet) card bearing your signature.  Without this signed document your child cannot become a registered patron, and must rely upon you to borrow any library materials which he or she desires.

Learn how to surf the net safely...                  

            Check out these sites:

The Children's Partnership contains "The Parents' guide to the Information Superhighway:  Rules and Tools for Families Online"

Internet Safety Center : A resource center for parents, teachers, kids, and teens.


FBI Kid's Educational Page

KidSafety on the Internet
My Rules for Online Safety

Look for Clapp Memorial Library materials about

the Internet and Cybersafety



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