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Belchertown Reads

Belchertown Reads is a community-wide reading, learning and discussion event.  Beginning in March we will join over 20 towns in Hampshire and Franklin Counties in reading and discussing Being Mortal by Atul Gawande to encourage conversations about end-of-life care and planning. Gawande, a practicing surgeon, addresses his profession’s ultimate limitation, arguing that quality of life is the desired goal for patients and families of the terminally ill. He argues against modern medical practices that extend life at the expense of quality of life while isolating the dying, outlining suggestions for freer, more fulfilling approaches to death that enable more dignified and comfortable choices. The book has catalyzed a national conversation about modern medicine’s flawed approach to aging and dying.

Monday, March 28 6:30pm
Documentary screening Holding Our Own
7:30pm Journey Home bedside singing group

Wednesday, March 30 7:00pm
Book discussion of Being Mortal facilitated by Cooley Dickinson medical professional

Wednesday, April 13 7:00pm
The Way to Go: Portrait of a Residential Hospice–Talk with author Marietta Pritchard

Saturday, April 16 1:30 pm
Book discussion of Being Mortal

Monday, April 18 6:30pm
Documentary screening Being Mortal with discussion.

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