Logging in...

 If you are a registered borrower at any of the full member C/W MARS libraries, you can log in to review your library record online. Your record lists the materials you have checked out, outstanding request you have for library materials, and any fines you may owe. You can also renew and request materials online.
 Each time you use this service, you will need to type in your library card number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The first time you access your record online, you will be prompted to choose a PIN. Your PIN can contain numbers, letters, or a combination of both, not to exceed 30 characters.

From the

Clapp Memorial Library, Belchertown,

 in the upper right corner, click on the Your Account Log in link to access you library record.

  If you forget your PIN, go to the Circulation Desk at a full member library for assistance. The librarian will ask for a positive form of identification before resetting (deleting)  your PIN (after which you can select a new PIN the next time you log in).

Finding and Requesting Material

Search the online catalog at the library or from your home computer to find materials in which you are interested.  First, start off by looking in  the Clapp Memorial Library Catalog.  If the item is not available at the Clapp Memorial Library, use the drop down menu to the left of the Search button to expand your search to a specific library or to include all libraries in the Central and Western Massachusetts Regional Catalog.  Once you have found the materials you are looking for, click the Request button.  Enter your library card number and your PIN or follow the instructions to create a PIN.  (Forgot your PIN?  Contact the library).  Select the library where you wish to pick up the material.  If you are using an academic library card you must select that library as your pickup location.  Click the button.

Try searching the whole state of Massachusetts by using the Virtual Catalog.  Start off by choosing which region you live in, for Belchertown residents pick Western.  Then, type in your library card number followed by where you would like to pick up any material you find while searching.  Click the Login button .  Click the Searching and Requesting button, and start your search.  After finding the materials you are looking for, click the Request button and fill in the Create Request Screen.  Once this is complete, click the Submit button. 

Note: Your Virtual Catalog request will only be denied for two reasons:

1.  You have requested non-circulating material that doesn't leave the owning library.

2. The material requested is already available locally in the C/W MARS Catalog


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