Storytimes Registration Guidelines

In the interest of fairness to all of the families in Belchertown, participation for The Clapp Memorial Library’s Children’s programs will be decided by lottery. Registration will be open for at least two weeks. Register on-line at  Click on and you will be brought to our on-line registration page.  Internet access is available @ the library!  Parents/Guardians are responsible to check for the results of the lottery on the library’s web page or visit or call the library. The library will not call you with results unless otherwise stated. All children who registered that did not make it into a program will be put on a waiting list and contacted if a space becomes available. Please be considerate of other children. Do not register if you can not regularly attend these programs.

The following rules apply to story time registration;

Residents of Belchertown will be given priority.

Families with more than one child that are age appropriate for the same program must put the name of each child on a separate registration.

A child may only be registered for one program.

A child may be registered only once per lottery.

One family may not register for more than two programs.

A family who has previously been in a program but did not abide by the attendance policy will only receive a space if there is not a waiting list.

Storytimes Program Guidelines

Our primary goal at the Clapp Memorial Library is to foster a love of books and reading in your child.

We appreciate your cooperation, support and participation!

The Clapp Memorial Library Story Time Programs are geared to the needs and interests of young children. Each program is designed for specific age groups.

Parents are encouraged to bring only the child(ren) who is registered (when possible).

If older or younger siblings will need to attend, parents must make note of that at registration.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for all the children that accompany them.

Please be sure your child is emotionally and behaviorally ready to participate in a program. Children should no be forced to attend the Story Time Program for this often creates behavior problems. Some children may not be able to attend to the entire program and parents should let the child "take a break" and can always return for the craft.

Parents are asked to remove their child if s/he becomes disruptive and can return when s/he is ready. The cooperation of the parent will be appreciated by all.

Promptness is greatly appreciated. Interruptions by late arrivals destroy the mood and concentration of the group which is necessary for a run and successful program. Continual tardiness may mean the loss of the privilege to attend programs.

Toys and food are not allowed at Story Time unless requested by the librarian.

Parents may not carry on conversations with others or read to their child during Story Time. Such behavior is rude and inconsiderate of other participants and very distracting for the librarian. Parents are encouraged to participate and show by example how much singing, dancing, and being silly can be!

Children (and parents) should wear play clothes that are comfortable to move and sit in and can handle a stain or two more. We do like to make a mess and not be stressed about it! (Shoes or slippers must always be worn)

Snow Policy: If the Belchertown Public Schools are either closed or delayed due to weather conditions any morning or after school program is canceled. Parents should call or check our web site ( if weather conditions are a concern for evenings or weekend programs.

Heat Policy: During the hot summer months, the library closes when it is predicted to be above 90 because the building becomes extremely uncomfortable. Please check our web site for cancellation of evening programs.

Attendance Policy: If a family will not attend a scheduled program, they must call the Children’s Librarian (323-0417 ext. 3, call anytime, there is voice mail) with an acceptable explanation. If a family misses two or more programs in a session without informing the Children’s Librarian then the child is automatically withdrawn from the program and the next child on the waiting list will be contacted. This family will then not be able to attend the next session of programs if there is a waiting list.

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