Junior Volunteer Guidelines

Junior Volunteer Application

Clapp Memorial Library



Today's date: ______________


Name: _____________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________


Email address: (this is very important, this is how we will stay in touch)



Home phone : __________________________________ Cell phone: ________________________________________________


Entering Grade: ____________


School: ________________________________________


Please explain in a few sentences why you would like to be a JV.



Please list interests and hobbies :



What are your strengths and how will that allow you to be a successful JV?





What do you consider your weaknesses?





The Library's hours in the summer are: Mon/Fri/Sat 9 am to 1 pm. Tues-Thurs. 9 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 7pm. What times are you available?




Please list any dates this summer that you are not available:




All JVs will probably be assigned times to work at the SRP table, help children track their hours, giving out raffle tickets and answering questions. Are there other jobs that you are interested in?



If you would like to plan and instruct a program for younger children, such as drama, yo-yos, science or crafts, you should include information about what you would offer, for who, how many, when, how often, and details about what the program would be about.





I have read and understand the Junior Volunteer Guidelines. If I have any questions I can ask Jennifer Whitehead. I understand it is my responsibility to communicate with Jennifer and arrive at the Library on time during my scheduled times. I understand that there may not be enough positions for everyone that applies and I will be contacted by the Library.


Student Signature; ____________________________________________________________

I have read and understand the JV Guidelines and double checked the work schedule. It is my child's responsibility to plan and communicate with the staff of the Clapp Memorial Library.


Parent Signature: ______________________________________________________________


Junior Volunteer Guidelines

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