How To: Listen to MP3 Audiobooks On Your eReader Sony Reader or Barnes & Noble Nook

• Navigate to the C/W MARS Over-Drive Digital Catalog at

Alternately, navigate to our homepage

Click on C/W MARS Digital Catalog 

• Search for MP3 Audiobooks.  You can limit your search to this format if you click on Advanced Search.

• In a general search you will find both WMA and MP3 audiobooks.

NOTE: Only MP3 audiobooks can be downloaded to your eReader.

You can see the kind of book under Format Information.

• To check out a title that is available, click “add to cart”.

• Proceed to checkout when ready, login with your C/W MARS library card.

• Click Download. Open in Over-Drive Media Console.

• Open up OverDrive Media Console.

• In your Media Library, highlight your MP3 Audiobook title. Click on Transfer.

• Follow the step-by-step Wizard.

• The Wizard will ask you to connect your eReader. Once your device is connected, click Next to

pick which parts of the MP3 audiobook to download.

• Click Next to begin the transfer.

• When transfer is complete, click Finished.

Disconnect your eReader from the computer.

• On the Sony Reader, go to More, then Audio to find your audiobook. On the Nook, go to Audio.

• Enjoy listening to your MP3 audiobook!

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