Photo of library user Joan Geller
  Name: Joan Geller
Hometown: Belchertown
Local Library: Clapp Memorial Library, Belchertown
Occupation: Urban Planner, Retired
Favorite Book: Too many to remember just one!
If you can read you can do anything!
Why I Use My Library
As a young child I was told that if you could read you could do anything, and that a public library held all the information needed to succeed in that goal.  My children and grandchildren have been taught the same.  Now that I am retired the library is even more important to me for it allows me through books and other library materials to explore in greater depth those interests I have always had, and to learn new things, places and ideas that there was never enough time for.  The library also gives me material for more recreational reading, trite or thought provoking, the selection is mine to make, and the choices are unlimited.  Although the building of the Clapp Memorial Library is small, it is without walls, for the staff is always enthusiastic about finding any subject matter I have requested, including giving me information on how to use my computer more efficiently.  How can one possibly do without a library!  I wish every community had a bookmobile available for those in outlying areas without transportation.

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