Photo of library user Linda Besse
  Name: Linda Besse
Hometown: Belchertown
Local Library: Clapp Memorial Library, Belchertown
Occupation: Office Manager
Favorite Book: Jane Eyre
The library has enhanced every area of my life!
Why I Use My Library
Over the past 22 years, the courteous, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable staff at the Clapp Memorial Library has provided me with assistance and materials to enhance every area of my life! When I've been between jobs, library books and videos have helped me upgrade my job skills. I even tested out in the top 1% with a computer program that I never physically used just from studying a library book and video! All of my favorite leisure activities (cross counrty skiing, swimming, golf, birding, art and reading) have either been acquired or improved by my use of library materials and with the help of our terrific librarians. The library has made it possible for me to become an artist using a number of mediums. The library even assisted me in the purchase of a home computer. From early childhood the Public Library (Forest Park Branch Children's Room in Springfield run by two of the world's best librarians Misses Bray and Bartlett) has been a major and positive influence on my life. Our librarians rank right up there with Miss Bray and Miss Bartlett and THERE IS NO GREATER COMPLIMENT!!

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