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Honors English 9-11 and Advanced Placement Literature and Composition Required Summer Reading Lists

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Students entering 9th grade Honors English: 

Of Mice and Men                    Steinbeck

Lord of the Flies                      Golding                       

Death of a Salesman                Miller

Things Fall Apart                     Achebe

                                                                   (Please refer any questions to Ms. Vaz.)


Students entering 10th grade Honors English 

The Catcher in the Rye                       Salinger

The House on Mango Street               Cisneros

The Chosen                                         Potok

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn                   Smith

                                                                     (Please refer any questions to Mrs. Waldron.)


Students entering 11th grade Honors English 

The Metamorphosis                                 Kafku            


 Students entering Advanced Placement Literature and Composition (AP English)

 Macbeth                                                William Shakespeare

 Heart of Darkness                                 Joseph Conrad

The Things They Carried                        Tim O'Brien



"The Hysteria of Lady Macbeth"                                                                    Isador H. Coriat

"Heart of Darkness: An Introductory Lecture"                                             Mark Dintenfass

"How to tell a true war story:  Metafiction in The Things They Carried"         Catherine Calloway


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