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First line:

Morning on the Common, sun

melting snow on Civil War Sam.


Our poem so far:


Morning on the Common, sun

melting snow on Civil War Sam.

Spring will soon arrive with birds and flowers,

pretty purple flowers peeking up through the snow.

Robin, sweetly singing

greeting the morning hours.

I walk, pondering my place

in time, in town, in space.

The wind ripples the flag above

echo of voices of those I love.

White passing clouds above reminds us of

what is yet to come.

And the cemetery stones of what is past

whisper to us of that

which is everlast.

The tall white steeple

pierces blue sky,

calling us to worship

or, either/or

living each day to the full

into Quabbin filled with nature’s wonder.

Excitement is in the air

as people ride the ferris wheel at the fair.

So much higher above everyone else, above all,

but still so low; so humble.


The library is a wonderful place

such wonderful books, movies , and space.

But there is one thing that opens my eyes:

It is the wonderful people, full of surprise.

Lemonade and vanilla ice cream

for breakfast….yes!

Named after a governor who wasn’t very good,

summer approaches—time to put away the hood.

The sun shines, super bright,

and we always have a starry night.

It’s a small town

With everyone great around!

Books from Clapp are so fun,

Now I can read them in the sun.

I love books

More than my Nook.

Feast for the eyes, ears, mind and heart!

So many books, I don’t know where to start!



Crunch of apples from Cold Spring Orchard

Pleasant tartness on my tongue.

The gardening season has begun.

So much to do, fun in the sun.

As a glove is to baseball,

story hour is down the hall.

Come join us dear friends

And have yourself a ball!

Come from near and far

to see our pretty fall.









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